“After it was all said and done... there was a great deal more said, than done.” — Anonymous

Company Performance, Workable Plan, Accountability, Competition, Right People in Right Seats, Exceeding Expectations.

Today's environment requires total focus. Every executive must consider many issues on a daily basis to stay on the right track. A workable plan is the key for success; achieving your plan the ultimate goal. PerformanceVU's web- based process guides your company to your desired objective.

Guiding your Company to the desired Destination

You know where you want to take your company. What you need is guidance from where you are today to successfully arrive at where you want to go. PerformanceVU’s web-based GPS for Business™ manages the journey.

For most companies typical planning and measurement methodologies can be overwhelming, time-consuming and most of all - not affordable. A company is best served by a simple approach that will generate real time information but at the same time does not distract from the whirlwind of day-to-day operations.

Regardless of size, every company faces the challenge of managing its plan. Most will agree that the key "Factor of Success" in business is not the development of a perfect plan, but rather the timely execution of a workable plan. True Success is driven by defining roles and managing accountability. Simply put...

  • "Did I do what I said I was going to do"?
  • "Did I do it on time"?
  • "How am I doing"?

PerformanceVU follows the performance of forecast objectives in real time and, like GPS, reports any deviation. Progress is reported on team and mentor dashboards creating accountability and plan fulfillment.

Exceeding Expectations

In today's business environment, simply arriving at your destination is not enough. You must maximize your business performance and, upon arriving, exceed expectations. PerformanceVU allows you to make timely adjustments on your journey to your desired destination and keep your team on course at maximum efficiency.

Your GPS from A to B

A good roadmap possesses several key characteristics. It is informative, gives you multiple options to your destination and is easily understood. Your business Dashboard should do the same.

PerformanceVU is a real time display of your business actions and financial progress to your destination. Business actions are how you plan to get from A to B and PerformanceVU notes any deviation. "How we are doing" is captured from your company's accounting system daily and converted into performance ratios to give you report cards on your forecast actions.

Following your GPS for Business™ will reward you with  successful arrival at your desired destination.

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